P38 Range Rover

Range Rover Performance - Road Vehicles

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of proven modifications to all Range Rover models to improve the on-road performance (for off-Road modifications - click here)

Some of the many problems that customers want resolve include

  • Wandering on uneven road
  • Vague steering
  • Steering wheel "kicking" when hitting potoles etc
  • The need to constantly correct the steering of the car
  • Torque steer - vehicle moving as you accelerate or brake
  • Excess body roll
  • Poor ecconomy
  • Poor Hot starting - Diesel models
  • Poor Cold Starting - Petrol and Diesel models
  • Air Suspension problems
  • Smoking - Diesels, White, Blue or Black smoke


The above are just a few of the many problems or complaints that we are able to help to resolve.

Suspension and Handling modifications and upgrades

We offer suspension upgrades that really make a difference, you would not believe the difference that a set of polyurethane suspension bushes make to the handlng of many older models such as P38 Range Rovers, the handling (reducing body roll) can be transformed by fitting a good quality set of gas shock absorbers such as Bilstein Heavy Duty Gas Assisted Shock Absorbers make, the vehicle handles more like a sports car than a boat after these superb shock absorbers have been fitted. Bilstein Heavy Duty Gas Assisted steering dampers have a similar effect upon the steering of the vehicle. We can also alter the height of the vehicle at all levels on vehicles that are fitted with air suspension, many owners like the motorway setting to be lowered slightly, the standard hight lowered and the off-road setting raising, giving improved stability while on the road but giving increased ground clearance when needed off-road. With upgraded suspension these modifications can transform your Range Rovers handling and performance, particularly on twisty winding roads found in much of our countryside. We can even calibrate the vehicle to match the height of trailers and caravans allowing improved handling under the stresses that can be added under towing conditions.

Engine Performance & Ecconomy

We can remap or tune the engine ecu to improve performance or ecconomy or provide a balanced tune that gives increased power and torque while also alowing increases in economy while cruising, just tell us what you want to achieve and we will take care of it for you. In older models such as Discovery, Range Rover Classic and P38 Range Rovers this means that we modify the maps in the chips in the ecu (hence the term "chip tuning") later vehicles, both Petrol and Diesel can normally have the data "reflashed" thorough the diagnostics port on the vehicle, jus the same as if we were installing a manufacturers software upgrade. Increases in perfromance are typically in the region of 10% for natually asperated models and around 30% for turbocharged models. There are also many other tuning options available in addition to remapping, such as induction system, exhaust system, camshaft changes and many other modifications right up to changes in supercharger recalibration to increase boost. When it comes to performance modifications the only limitation is the depth of your pocket and the length of your arms! talk to us and we can help you to make informed choices to modify your 4x4 to meet your individual needs.

Gearbox Modifications and Improvements

Most Land Rover owners of automatic gearbox models have no idea that the gearboxes on their vehicles are opperating incorrectly, with most vehicles still having the original gearbox oil in place and never had the very important filter inside the gearbox changed. This results in the valves in the control box sticking and completely changing the patern of gearchanges. Having the control box cleaned, changing all the gearbox oil for a modern high performance grade and changing the gearbox filter, along with our own unique process of freeing off the actuators and valves, transforms that performance of many Ranger Rovers, providing better acceleration, smoother gearchanges, instant change-down when overtaking without the need to use the "kick-down" feature. in a nutshell this relatively simple process allows your car to be in the correct gear for just about any driving condition. In addition being in the correct gear, particularly in town or stop-start driving provides a signifificant and very welcome imrovement in fuel consumption under conditions we find ourselves in all to often these days. 

Interior Modifications

We can supply and fit just about anything that you want, from TV, Sat Nav, Reversing cameras, Witness cameras, Audio systems, Bluetooth audio and Mobile Telephone connectivity, Video sceen displays in the roof or headrests, Playstation, Wii and just about any games system modified to run of the vehicles battery. Whatever you can think of, we can find a good quality solution, just ask us and we will do all that we can to help.


So whatever you want to fix, resolve or improve on your Range Rover whatever year or model, just ask us and we will do all that we can to meet or exceed your requrements.