P38 Range Rover

Range Rover LPG Installation, Repair and Calibration

We are qualified LPG installers and have been fitting, repairing and providing LPG safety checks for many years.

The big difference about our installs is that not only are they safe (we see installations carried out elsewhere that are not every week!) But also the vehicles actually run properly.

After every install we carry out a full calibration and mapping of every instal, this is carried out to get the mixtures correct under all load conditions, improving the performance and economy of the vehicle, driving on the road for up to 50 miles to get the calibration correct, many LPG installers don't even road test the cars!

After extensive testing we now instal Emer LPG systems on all Land Rover and Range Rover V8 Engines. As you may be aware most good quality (NOT the rubbish from Poland and other eastern European countries)  LPG systems are made in Italy, where there are more LPG and CNG vehicles than anywhere else in the world.

Being honest there is very little difference in most of the Italian systems, many contain components produced by AEG for example and share the same ECU's or control units with just minor differences in the software. There is however a difference between most of these systems and those from Bigas and Emer share the same qualities, robust injectors and a high quality tuning system that allows precise mapping of the vehicle. The Emer systems that we instal also have one further, but very important advantage over other LPG Systems, they have a connection to the vehicles ECU to allow fuel trim information (in addition to the normal injector opening times) to be passed over to the LPG system allowing the LPG ECU to respond instantly to the load conditions of the vehicle.

To instal an LPG system properly on any vehicle takes 2 -3 days, any less and important steps are not being carried out, generally on a Discovery V8 or Range Rover, including Classic, P38, L322, L405, Range Rover Sport or Evoque takes just less than 2 full days, then the system needs to be calibrated and mapping carried out. The vehicle then needs to cool overnight so that fuelling can be checked and adjusted as necessary while the engine heats up, to ensure that mixtures are correct at all engine speeds, all load conditions and all temperatures. 

The extra steps that we taking ensure that you have a vehicle that runs correctly at all times.

We can supply and fit a complete Emer LPG system for about £1,600.00 on most Land Rover vehicles. There are variations in the cost depending upon tank sizes, we normally fit 92 litre tanks in place of the spare wheel, all other options are available. On L322 models the air suspension compressor is mounted in this area, so we fit a specially manufactured kit that allows the compressor to remain rubber mounted but moved to one side, obviously there is an extra cost to this. 

Please call us for further information on LPG installation and ask any questions you may have.



We have the same diagnostics equipment as Land Rover dealerships with access to TOPIx providing all the information that we need to ensure that your vehicle works correctly, including the installation of any software updates that your vehicle may require.

We have Genuine Land Rover diagnostics equipment for vehicles that we manufactured prior to Testbook, we have Testbook for earlier Land Rover and Range Rover models such as the P38 and earlier L322 models and IDS VCM for all models from 2005 right up to date.

We also have a huge amount of specialised equipment that allows us to complete work that Land Rover dealers and independent specialists can only dream of.

Our workshop contains all the equipment necessary to carry out LPG installations and calibration including fully MOT compliant and calibrated Emissions analysers, we also have emissions analysers that allow us to carry out emissions testing while the vehicle is in motion, this allows us to confirm and adjust fuelling while the vehicle is being driven in just about all conditions that can be expected of a 4x4


LPG Repairs and Certification.

We get customers travelling the length and breadth of the country and even from Europe to have the problems that they have with their LPG installations resolved, many of these vehicles have never run properly since the LPG was installed by the supposed experts that fitted them.

The truth is that we have yet to see an LPG system that was installed elsewhere (and we see them every week) that has been installed correctly!

Often they are unsafe, other times the vehicles just don't run correctly and risk damage to the engines and gearboxes of the vehicles.

We can carry out a safety check and even service the LPG system at the same time, correcting any issues and leaving you with a safe reliable and correctly running vehicle all at the same time.