P38 Range Rover

Range Rover V8 Overheating Problems Repaired


Is your Range Rover or Rover V8 engine overheating or pressurising the cooling system?

If so you may have been advised that the block is porous or cracked, the head gasket blown or many other reasons.

We have the experience, specialist tools and expertise to diagnose the cause of these problems.

We can also repair cracked blocks, cylinder heads, head gaskets and all the other causes of overheating, pressurising of the cooling system and water loss, often at significantly lower cost than you may expect.

With cracked blocks, heads and porous blocks we have developed a system where we can in most cases provide a fully working repair without the expense of stripping and rebuilding the engine completely. These repairs are permanent and use a system that we have developed in-house using specialist products from around the world.

We have repaired cracks in blocks that have previously caused blown hoses and overheating after only a few miles driving, which have gone thorough our unique process that have continued to work without fault for many years afterwards.

We even have success when other systems have failed, many of our customers have already "tried everything" before they came to us and had the problem solved permanently within a few days.

Obviously we need to see the vehicle and run through a series of tests before we can determine the way forward for each particular vehicle.

So don't throw away a perfectly good engine and replace it with a second hand engine of unknown quality, that may even have the same problem, get your vehicle to us and we will find the most cost effective repair for your unique V8.

In a worst case we can normally supply either a good used engine, which you can test as they are all in working vehicles or take your vehicle in part exchange for one of our own vehicles.

Please call us for further information and assistance, we will do all that we can to help you.