P38 Range Rover

P38 BeCM Repair Service

P38 Range Rover BeCM Circuit Boards for Repair

We have been repairing P38 Range Rover BeCM's for many years and can carry out repairs for any faults or problems that can happen, we have huge stocks of components and parts, including the dificult to obtain processors, relays and mosfets, in fact every component in the BeCM. Repairs when necessary are charged depending upon the work necessary to fix that particular part and does vary, exact cost will be advised before commencing the repair.
All repairs are tested on one of our fully working P38 BeCM's, we have a few of these vehicles in our workshop that allows us to fully test the BeCM under load, in the same situation that the BeCM will be expected to work under in use on your Range Rover.

Typical Repair Cost

The typical cost of repair is about £100.00 plus the testing fee and return carriage at cost. So for the UK this would normally be about £274.90 all in. Exact cost of repair will be advised once testing has been completed.
Should extensive repairs be required (due to serious water damage for example) we may recommend an exchange BeCM is supplied this includes the transfer of the programming from the old to the exchange unit and is a plug and play solution - the cost of an Exchange BeCM is £450.00 plus carriage at cost. (The cost of an exchange BeCM includes the cost of testing of your original BeCM if required)

We Guarantee ALL our BeCM Repairs for TWO YEARS.


Typical Turnaround Time

Most testing and repairs are completed within 48 hours of receipt, with many being completed the same day we receive the BeCM. There can sometimes be delays depending upon the number of units received that day but this is unusual. If you are desperate to get your BeCM back quickly, do let us know and we will do all that we can to help. As an example it is not uncommon for BeCM's to be sent by our customer on a Monday afternoon and receive it back ready to go on the Wednesday morning
"Fantastic Service, They managed to get my BeCM working again after others failed!" ☆☆☆☆☆Tim Green rated Turner Diagnostics 5 stars