P38 Range Rover

Land Rover - Range Rover P38

The P38 Range Rover was produced from 1994 to 2002 and overlapped the production of the earlier Range Rover Classic and the later L322 Range Rover.

The P38 Range Rover was one of the most advanced vehicles available at the time manufacturing started and many of the unique features such as the BeCM (Body Electrical Control Module) are now (called many different things by various manufacturers, such as the BSI or Body Controller) standard fitment to modern cars.

The P38 Range Rover is completely different to other Land Rover Models, Including Classic and Later Models. The problem this causes form many Land Rover Dealers and Independent Land Rover Specialists is that the P38 uses technology and systems that are unique to the model and often misunderstood by most workshops.

P38 Range Rover Specialists

We are specialists in P38 Range Rover models, we know them inside-out and provide support and technical information to Land Rover Dealers and Independent Land Rover Specialists on a daily basis.

We provide a testing and repair service on the control units on the P38 worldwide and receive many components every day of the week, these include the items shown on the menu bar above but particularly for the BeCM (Body Electric Control Module) where we are the only company in the world that test ALL BeCM's on one of our dedicated, fully working P38 Range Rover test vehicles, we are also the only company in the world that provide a 2 year guarantee on all BeCM repairs.

Our expertise with the P38 Range Rover is not limited to the electronic systems and you will find full information in the various sections of this website - please use the navigation menu to see what we can offer.

In addition to the fact that the owner of the business having owned and run P38's for many years as his daily transport, we often have Range Rovers available for sale, please ask, we may have just the vehicle that you are after.